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High Moisture Corn Program

Harvest More Yield
  • Earlier harvest reduces crop losses resulting from inclement weather, wind, stalk rot, and insect damage.

  • Early harvest conditions are usually more favorable during high-moisture corn harvest than they are with dry corn harvest.

  • Harvesting both high-moisture corn and dry corn, spreads out the use of your harvesting equipment and labor.

  • Early harvest also allows for additional options with your farm land, such as allowing earlier stalk grazing or baling.

  • Corn is considered mature when it yields the maximum quantity of dry matter, which is near the 30 percent moisture range, depending on the hybrid.

Harvest Higher Quality
  • Harvesting high-moisture corn can reduce the potential for aflatoxins and molds to develop in the field.

Harvest More Savings
  • One time delivery, versus hauling to your on farm storage, can reduce shrink, drying costs, and storage expenses.

  • Crop loss due to harvesting equipment is also usually less with high-moisture corn than it is with dry corn.

Flexible Pricing Options
  • Corn may be forward contracted, priced upon delivery or delayed pricing until December 1.

  • Corn will be priced according to our daily posted bids.

  • You may also grain bank your corn to be used to feed your cattle.

  • Corn payment can be made anytime from the time of delivery or after January 1 as you request.

Contact Information

We thank you in advance for considering us to be your marketing partner of choice this fall. Please call with any additional questions, and let us know if we can reserve your space for you in our High-Moisture Corn Program.

Call for Bids and To Contract

Feedlot Office

(308) 346-4117

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