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Feeder Cattle

Burwell Feeders personnel can finish cattle according to customer specifications.

Feeding Options - 

All cattle are tagged with identification tags.

Cattle Identification -

Three to five packer buyers maintain a regular contact with Burwell Feeders; several competitive feeder auctions are located in the Burwell area. We work with our customers to get the best possible price for their cattle.

Marketing -
Billing Procedures- 

All accounts are billed once a month.

     -Precise daily consumption information is furnished to customers with each billing; ration cost per day is included.

     -Charges include yardage, feed, and medicine.


Cattle at feed time
Burwell Feeders' efficient facilities include -

- pens that can accommodate from 16 to 200 head of cattle. Total capacity is 10,000. Sharing arrangements are possible.

- feeding equipment

- precision equipment for "batch mixing" feed ingredients by weight. Feed ingredients include high moisture corn, dry corn, alfalfa hay, distillers grain, silage and protein.

- the use of computerized rations and bunk reading systems that provide just the right feeding program for each pen of cattle on feed.

- on-sight scales for accurate record keeping.

- complete processing facilities. Inoculations and injections for livestock include: 7-way Black Leg, IBR-BVD-P13_Paturella, haemophilus, and Vitamin ADB-12. In addition, we provide excellent lice and grub control, worming and implants.

Cattle Pen
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